A pixel in the sand

I’m a huge fan of the orginal soundtrack of the Dune video game (Spice Opera). Stephane Picq who’s the composer of this music used FM synthesis to make this masterpiece. Spice Opera is probably, with some other video games music, the main reason why i like the FM sounds so much.

Lately, i built an FM synth : The Preen FM 2 (designed by Xavier Hosxe).

« A pixel in the sand » is my first shot with the PREEN FM 2.
This music was played and sequenced with my little Roland JD-Xi.
After an hour, i decided to record it, raw from the Preen FM 2 output, with no effect.


I still remember the crazy music coming out of my Commodore computer, when i was loading the video games of my childhood. The composing of some titles, like Rambo First Blood Part II on C64 by Martin Galway is a real mystery to me.

Far from having this talent, i just sat down in front of my computer, starting with a saw arpeggio sequence, added much more modern sounds, trying to keep this spirit old good video games’ music.